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Paper disposables are an everyday essential in our Hygiene concious world as everyone uses paper hand towels, tissue products and toilet rolls. At Toiletrolls.com we cater for all types of toilet roll needs, whether it is for home or business, we have an option to suit your needs. Household loorolls in 2 or 3ply, which offer great value for money and also a range of luxury options including our Nicky Elite 3ply Toilet Rolls with added balm and a scented core.

Paper Products & Disposable Paper

Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls
We have many options when it comes to lockable dispensers but our Mini Jumbo options are probably the most used system that offer great value for money and are also a very easy system to use.
Paper Hand Towels
Wet hands need drying, it’s that simple! We offer a huge range of options at Toiletrolls.com including Automatic Hand Dryers and Paper Hand Towels. Our Paper Hand Towel range includes all standard options including C Fold, Z Fold and V Fold. Hand Towels dispenser systems also include Automatic sensor dispensers that are battery operated.
Centrefeed Rolls
Our best selling paper product has to be our Centrefeed Wiping Rolls, the most popular blue roll is our best value option, 150m Centrefeed Blue Roll 2ply and even better as we offer a great savings with our pallet price.
Pallet Deals
For large end users and wholesale distributors we offer pallet deals on 95% of our paper disposables. If storage is not an issue and you prefer to Bulk Buy Toilet Rolls then we welcome you to contact us on 0151 342 2111 and request a deal based on your own business.